Friday, November 20, 2009

"Sarah Palin - Going Rogue" or shall I say "Going Alaska"

Palin’s "semi-successful" attempt at a memoir only confirmed my view that she was completely unqualified to be Governor of Alaska let alone Republican Candidate for Vice President of the United States of America. 
What she has produced is a memoir with no real identity – is it another “hollywood” biography? is it another long winded excessively patriotic campaign speech? is it another confused response to a Katie Couric question? is it a feel good message from an ol' hard working Alaska Hockey mum? It is probably a mix of all of these (you know how she can be a little mixed up... can you imagine the poor editor?) However, I think it was her chance to get back at everyone that took a “shot” at her (yes an intended pun on the word "shot".)

However, by the end of the book I feel sorry for Sarah Palin and her family. A whole country scrutinizing over her every move, poking fun at her and harassing her (like I have done). When Palin was asked to be McCain’s running mate she had just given birth to a down syndrome baby, her underage daughter just announced her pregnancy and Sarah had never really stepped outside of Alaska.  

But, when you sign on to being the Vice President of the United States of America – you have a pretty good idea of whats expected, involved and required; personally, emotionally, professionally and economically. Sarah Palin simply was not fit for the role. Her book proves this.

We all know the controversy over how "inexperienced" and "unqualified" Sarah Palin was. So let me set it straight what her life has consisted of.
  • 1981 - Left Highschool (She held no leadership positions, despite trying every year)
  • 1982 - Took a semester off to "thaw out"
  • 1983 - Went to College in Hawaii for a year
  • 1984 - Second Runner up in Ms Alaska (for which said was good testing ground for public speaking and issue advocacy – Page 43 - Can you imagine Obama saying that!)
  • 1984 - Went to a more “conventional and affordable” campus in Idaho and studied Communications (Clearly didn't work too hard on the verbal communication side)
  • 1987 Did some local Sportscasting for a few months
  • 1988 - Started working in Customer Service at Anchorage Electric
  • 1988 August – Married (because she found out she was pregnant - Almost like Mother like Daughter)
  • 1989 April – “Track" is Born...yes named after the sport Track. Becomes a full time housewife
  • 1992 – A friend Nick Carney encouraged her to go for a seat on Wasila Council. She won the seat.
  • 1996 – Becomes Mayor of Wasila. Her own council petitioned to get rid of her! Even at this level she was called a “Spice Girl” and of course replied “At least get it right…call me Sporty Spice” (Page 79)
  • 1997 - Runs for Alaska’s Luitenant Governor – Loses the campaign but then says on page 88 “I realize now that is was a blessing not to have won”  Can this woman ever admit a defeat and admit her weakness?
  • 2002 - Runs for Senate – loses the campaign. A man named Murkowski had to find a new person to replace his seat on the senate. She spitefully discusses how her interview for senate was focused on how she had children and wouldn’t be able to cope. She then finishes the paragraph by saying the Senate position was handed to “his daughter, Lisa, a mom with two young kids”. The daughter of Murkowski was awarded the position and Palin clearly trys to say it was Nepotism. Again, Can she ever admit  defeat or a weakness?
  • 2003 - Becomes Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  Again she is hated and accused of a conflict of interest and is intertwined in a big corruption case (Page 95). Of course she blames every one for the mess and resigns of course stating it was for the betterment of the people! Cummon! She couldn’t hack the job, she had no idea what to do and she couldn’t keep her head above water!
  • 2004 Becomes the daughter's Hockey Team Manager – she states her political background helped her deal with coaches and referees. Are you serious?
  • 2006 – Becomes Governor - She claims that her campaign shouted "Change!" (Page 114). She claims Obama stole the slogan "Change" from her. She jokes "she used change when change wasn’t cool". However, the facts state her campaign slogans were “New Energy for Alaska” and “Take A Stand”. She chose Libb Riddles, the first woman to win a dog sled race to formally induct her at the Hockey Field. Again as Governor she is hated by her own party (Page 152).
  • 2008 – John McCain approaches Palin to run for Vice President of the USA. Its almost like an arranged marriage, but instead of a Russian Bride - an Alaskan Bride.  Again, she complains about unfair treatment and "politics-as-usual". He states that she was told to “Just stick with the script”. On Page 284 the campaign manager offers Palin a nutritionist to help her “cognitive connections.” Basically you get pages and pages of complaining, issues, problems, miss-communication and conflict in the McCain-Palin campaign.  

    The memoir begins with a detailed and quite monontonous description of her day at the Alaska State Fair where she received the initial call from John McCain to “Change History”.  The chapter drags on about banjo music, whispers to Piper (her baby), her perfectly catholic mother and wild, unconventional father. She sets herself up as the Alaskan Crusader, the only person in politics with a good heart and principles.

    You endure excruciatingly romanticized quotes like this “…I disappeared. I was only eight years old..Finally Dad found me sound asleep in the sunshine on a rocky slope near a grazing herd (Page 19)” . I wouldn’t mind reading this in Julie Andrew’s bio, but surely not Sarah Palin.

    We all know Sarah is pro-life, pro-god and heck pro-alaska. She discusses how her husband Todd was perfect but wasn’t Christian, so when he got baptised “that was a clincher for me” (Page 37).  Yet, they got married at a courthouse with some random old people from the old people’s home across the street... I think we all know a Church would have been better suited or maybe invite your family along?

    Sarah Palin is utterly passionate about Alaska, to the point that it gets under your bear skin. She discusses on Page 75 how even pregnant she would go to the shooting range and even had her baby shower at the Grouse Ridge Shooting range. 

    But I had to laugh when she discusses September 11. She writes quite intensely in nature that after the bombing it was thought the Trans-Alaska Pipeline could be next! (Page 81). I am sure Osama Bin Laden had Alaska as his number one hit list! I can just imagine him scheming "What iceburg shall we bomb first? If we discretely get a sled wired they will never know!" 

    Not to mention their dog Agia – is named after Alaska Gasline Inducement Act – I am not joking - See Page 137.

    Whats a discussion about Palin, without bringing up a few Hypocritical quotes. On Page 326 she discusses the prank call from Nicolas Sakozy whom she didn’t know! She said she “regretted not having paid more attention in Mrs Lawtons highschool French Class”. No Sarah! How about paying attention as a grown woman in politics? How about just as a grown person that should atleast keep up with the news paper! At least know his wife Carla Bruni (See Right).

    The main issue I have always had with Sarah is that she proved to the world that women need only good looks and charm to make it. 
    • She quotes on Page 86 “There were times when I thought you know what I could really use? A wife”. This quote worries me. What is she insinuating? That she needed somebody to lean on? Somebody to cook her dinner at night while she was busy? Why do you need a wife when your busy? Whats wrong with a husband?
    • On Page 95 she states regarding her husband “Todd’s not in management. He actually works”. Is she trying to say Managers like Politicians don’t work? 
    • On Page 115 she stated that "theres no better training ground for politics than motherhood”. Well I really feel sorry for all the male politicans!
    • Lastly, she introduces us to Kris, “who is one of the sharpest women in America” Page 110. At this point I was intrigued to find out who this Kris was to receive such a title. We later read her successes are “General Manager of the local cellular provider in Wasila". Im wondering if that was a T-Mobile store? What a woman! Oh and Kris is also “a kick-butt, tell-it-like –it-is soccer mum”.

    Sarah wrote a good 5 pages on The Katie Couric Affair – it really affected her. Sarah Palin says that she was told Karie Couric “…has such low self-esteem”. You can tell Palin was being spiteful.

    For the first time in the book Palin accepts that she “choked on a all couple of responses” and “Let the team down” but then blames Katie for asking repetitive and bias questions. I don’t understand how being repetitive and bias makes you answer questions like you are a 13 yr old?


    • Grass-roots Campaign
    • Politics-as-usual
    • Alaska
    • Alaskans
    • So Alaska
    • So Alaskan
    • Common-Sense Politics
    • Rugged
    • Hockey
    • Freedom
    • Free Enterprise
    • Piper
    • Energy
    The book concludes with some Palin-pushing comments. She states Obama’s plan is short sighted and ill conceived. Thankfully, Palin proves that when you have such a enourmous responsibility like Governor or Vice President of the USA - charm and passion simply are not enough. As a feminist myself, this is what angered me most about Sarah Palin. She proved to the world that charm and passion (good looks) can get you places. But, thankfully, in the end natural forces proved to the world that that is not the case. Both women and men need charm, passion, experience, logic, knowledge, leadership, the ability to articulate, problem solve, adapt and calculate.


    There is ONE thing I like about Palin and it is her commitment to not wasting tax payers dollars and the importance of local level government. I had to laugh when when Palin took over Murkowski as Governor, she put his private Jet on Ebay!

    From an economic standpoint, I agree with her support for free enterprise and that no business is “too big to fail”. I agree that the failure of business creates new and improved business. I agree stimulating economy should be cutting taxes allowing consumers to control their money. I agree too that politics has become corrupt, unjust and for the wrong reasons. 

    I cant help but draw on this paradox - A younger Palin in the making - Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean. This poor girl messes up her words, makes constant mistakes, is a hypcrit (sex tape vs sermon) and really just should stick to College for now. Not to mention they both just released books. However, I dont know if I can bring myself to reading Carrie's.

    Until then... 

    To Alaska! To Obama!


    1. hey tara. its amy dennis here. i read your review. and i like it. i cant agree enough! not that i've read the book but i share the perception of palin. hehh those were scary times waiting to hear the final votes lol i was in tafe at the time, my whole class cheered when a lecturer ran in to inform us that obama won! god wat a sigh i let out! hahaha anywho catchya later